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We think that the practise of medicine is not a “one size fits all” endeavour. In order to effectively meet each patient’s needs for preventative care, each patient will receive a personalised approach.

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Our Pet Preventative Care

Pets are enjoying longer and healthier lives than ever thanks to the amazing advancements in medicine and vaccinations over the past few decades. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle and exposure risk, our doctors will recommend vaccinations at yearly exams. Find out more below about our preventative care for pets.

What is preventive care?

The key to ensuring that your pet has a long, healthy, and happy life is preventive care, commonly referred to as wellness. Vaccinations come to mind when most people consider preventive care for their pet. While immunizations are crucial, there are four other preventive care pillars that are just as critical.

  • Exams – An examination at Gentle Care Veterinary Hospital is more than just a thorough physical examination and health assessment; it’s also a chance for your veterinarian to get to know and like your pet personally. Different pets lead different lifestyles. Our doctors take the time to get to know your pet and base their medical advice on what they learn.
  • Lab Tests – To ascertain whether all bodily systems are operating as they should, diagnostic procedures including blood and urine testing are often used. Along with screening for chronic diseases like kidney and liver illness, they also look for hereditary and breed-specific health problems. For your pet to live a long, healthy life with your family, early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases are essential. Early management of age- or chronic-related illnesses is less expensive and dangerous than emergency care once the disease has advanced.
  • Parasite Screening – Although internal parasites can cause your pet considerable illness, they are fortunately very simple to avoid. The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) and our doctors advise twice-yearly intestinal screenings. The health of the entire family depends on routine preventive deworming against parasites like roundworm, which can infect people and cause significant sickness.
  • Vaccines – Distemper vaccines are a simple method to safeguard your pet against potentially fatal diseases, while rabies shots safeguard your entire family because rabies kills both people and pets in your home.

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