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Pet Surgery

We recognise that you and your family may experience anxiety as a result of the surgery. Trusting those who will be caring for your pet is crucial because of this.

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Pet Surgery

To guarantee that your pet receives the best veterinary care possible, our skilled team of doctors and staff put a top premium on pain management, patient safety, and the utilisation of cutting-edge surgical techniques. Before, during, and following your treatment, our team will work with you to address any queries or worries you may have regarding the surgical procedure, anaesthetic, or postoperative care.

Your pet is in safe, skilled hands with our team.

We take great pride in offering cutting-edge veterinary surgical techniques. We believe in using the most advanced medical technologies, and all of our surgeons have had extensive training. Most soft tissue and orthopaedic operations can be performed at our hospital with full equipment. We are aware of your worries regarding the dangers of anaesthesia, and we use the most advanced monitoring technology to allay your worries.

We also understand that having your pet undergo surgery can be distressing. In order to give your pet the finest care possible, we want to reassure you that they are in good hands.

For each patient, a specific anaesthetic protocol is created. In addition to carefully choosing the sedatives that will be used to induce anaesthesia, painkillers, antibiotics, and fluid therapy during surgery to assist maintain healthy blood pressure are also parts of this individualised strategy.

We will keep you informed of all you need to know before to, during, and following your pet’s surgery. It is our intention to make everything go well and to take away any anxiety or tension associated with having surgery. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away if you have any queries, remarks, or worries.

We provide general surgery, specialist operations, lump and bump removal, and spay and neuter procedures. Please schedule a meeting with our staff right away if your pet requires surgery so that you can receive all the information you require. We don’t economise and we don’t skimp on caring. Our staff will accompany your pet every step of the way and is available to address any queries you may have.


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